Dr. JIHADI ‘The Man Who Fooled the World’


On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 reports start coming in of an alleged gas attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun located in the Idlib province of Syria.

Media outlets were quick to relentlessly inundate an unsuspecting public with pictures, video and references to women and children in perilous conditions. The only information the media had to go on was the word of a man named Shajul Islam and video from the now infamous group known as the White Helmets.

It is understandable that any decent person would be morally outraged by the reporting coming from mainstream media outlets about what had happened. The narrative was quickly put in place that it was Bashar al-Assad who was responsible for initiating a chemical attack on innocent civilians.

In every case, the credibility of witnesses should always be taken into consideration when trying to determine the truth. In this case, the credibility of former British doctor, Shajul Islam should be looked at since it was his testimony which was used to establish what had happened in Khan Sheikhoun.

Shajul Islam:

(Shajul Islam, CBC News: The National)

Shajul Islam was the source all mainstream media outlets used to get their information from. Many outlets were just using video and information which Islam was posting on his twitter account, without verifying whether it was true or not, he was taken at his word.

What the public had not been made aware of was Shajul Islam’s past history and the reason that he is no longer allowed to practice as a doctor in the UK.

It was due to the fact that he was determined to be a committed jihadist by MI6 and was struck off the General Medical Council in 2016.


This dates back to 2012 when Shajul Islam was charged with kidnapping and imprisoning John Cantlie and Jeroen Oerlemans:


Shajul Islam, 26, is accused, together with others, of having “unlawfully and injuriously imprisoned” two photographers between July 17 and July 26. The two are Briton John Cantlie, who has worked for the Sunday Times newspaper, and Dutchman Jeroen Oerlemans.”

“The suspected terrorist and his 26-year-old wife were arrested after UK intelligence officers studied medical records and interviewed health sources to try and identify him.

Police are investigating whether the woman may have flown to Egypt to meet her husband as a ‘cover’ so they could pretend they had been on holiday when they returned at 8.30pm on Monday.”

Jubayer Chowdhury, 24, was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command at Heathrow Airport in November after arriving on a flight from Bahrain and is now facing charges in connection with the alleged plot.”

Najul Islam, 31, is the third man to be charged over the kidnap of photographer John Cantlie and his Dutch colleague Jeroen Oerlemans last year.

Islam is accused of paying for his brother Shajul’s travel arrangements to Syria and travelling from the UK to Turkey to supply him and others with a car, night vision goggles, air rifle optic mounts and medical equipment.

He is charged with assisting Shajul Islam, 26, and another man Jubair Chowdhury, 24, to engage in acts of terrorism between January 1, 2012 and January 11 this year.

He is also accused of financing the travel arrangements for Mr Chowdhury to escape from Syria and fly to Bangladesh following the release of the kidnapped journalists.”

“The journalist described how he had been held by a group of about 40 jihadists of varying nationalities, including Britons and Chechens, and put in fear of being executed. It is understood the group was led by an “emir” who was a Saudi national.

Dr Islam and his co-defendant, Jubayer Chowdhury, 24,  had denied charges of false imprisonment under terrorism legislation.

“When police raided the Islam family home they found a leaflet from Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic group, saying that it was the duty of Muslims to fight in Syria against the Assad regime.

“During the investigation into the men they also found extremist videos including speeches by Anwar al-Awlaki, a leading al-Qaeda cleric.



Jeroen Oerlemans (15 May 1970 – 2 October 2016)

“Mr Oerlemans said that he and Mr Cantlie spent much of their time blindfolded. He told the NRC Handelsblatt newspaper: “One of the black jihadists freaked out and shouted: ‘These are journalists and now they will see we are preparing an international jihad in this place.'”

The group accused them of being spies, and considered holding them for ransom, said Mr Oerlemans. He added: “As soon as Assad has fallen, these fighters want to introduce Islamic law, Sharia, in Syria.”

“They were definitely quite extreme in their religious beliefs,” he said. “All day we were spoken to about the Koran and how they would bring Shariah law to Syria. I don’t think they were Al Qaeda; they seemed too amateurish for that. They said, ‘We’re not Al Qaeda, but Al Qaeda is down the road.’ ”

They would cock their weapons and say, ‘Prepare for the afterlife,’ or, ‘You better repent and accept Islam.’ It was pretty terrifying, I can assure you.”

“Mr. Oerlemans said he assumed that their rescuers were fighters from the Free Syrian Army.”

There wasn’t a Syrian present,” Oerlemans said. “They were all youngsters from other countries, African countries, Chechnya. They said they thought we were CIA agents. But then it quickly became apparent they wanted to trade us for ransom.”

“Where the FSA seems to be fighting for democracy, these foreign fighters don’t want anything more than imposing sharia on Syria. Syrians are pretty moderate Muslims in general, but they want to put them under the heavy boot of sharia law.

“Oerlemans has said that the two men were in a tent, blindfolded, when they heard a group of men he assumed to be from the Free Syrian Army come in. “They were shouting at everyone, saying, ‘How long has this been going on; this is outrageous,’ yelling at the jihadis, and then they told us, ‘You are free.’ Our hearts leapt, of course.”



John Cantlie

John Cantlie explained the ordeal of being kidnapped and imprisoned by Shajul Islam in an August 26, 2012 interview with the Daily Mail:

“A heavily bearded Islamic fanatic, he told his prisoners he had taken a sabbatical from his NHS job to wage a ‘holy war’ in Syria.”

“part of a  40-strong cell called Al Absi, which aims to convert Syria to sharia law.”

“This is a man who has taken an oath to save people and help them, and here he is walking around with a Kalashnikov and preaching sharia law. There are not any doctors who I know that do that.”

Mr Cantlie added: “He said treating jihadists wounded in battle was good training

He also smacked the butt of his AK-47 into my head after we were recaptured.”

The next day, to Mr Cantlie’s horror, he saw a trestle table being erected and heard knives being sharpened, but later learned these were for two Syrians who were eventually spared after repenting and promising to follow sharia law.

“The medic, who said he was 28 and had a wife and child in Britain, was also among the leaders of a group who were planning to behead ‘spies’ and was furious when the execution of two Syrians he believed to be undercover agents was halted.”

“He added: “The doctor was annoyed. He said they should’ve been beheaded because they were Syrian spies.”

‘He clearly believed in what he was doing but to follow something to that extreme is the disturbing thing. He was visibly upset when the execution was called off.



The Case Against Shajul Islam:

Shajul Islam (court appearance sketch, 2012)

“On the opening day of the trial at Kingston Crown Court, west London, prosecutors said a problem had arisen to “frustrate” their case and they were now unable to call either Mr Cantlie or Mr Oerlemans to give evidence. The court was told that because the case relied on their testimony the prosecution was no longer able to proceed and verdicts of not guilty were to be recorded. The reasons why the two victims were unable to give evidence were not disclosed in court.

He said: “The victims in this case are the principle witnesses. The case rests wholly on their evidence. The prosecution are unable to call either victim for the purposes of the trial listed today.”

Judge Nicholas Price QC ordered that the men be discharged, adding: “I make no observations of my own.”

Mr Cantlie was unavailable because he had returned to Syria where he was kidnapped again and held by Islamic State. The last known western hostage held by the group, he has been forced to appear in a series of propaganda videos, most recently in Mosul, where an offensive against the group is under way. Mr Oerlemans, who refused to give evidence for fear that it would further endanger Mr Cantlie, was killed by a sniper in Libya last year.”

John Cantlie, who people close to the case have long known was with American journalist James Foley in northern Syria when both were seized by radical Islamist extremists, confirmed that he had been kidnapped in November 2012.

“In Binesh, Syria, Mr. Foley and his traveling companion, the British photojournalist John Cantlie, pulled into an Internet cafe to file their work.
More than an hour later, they flagged a taxi for the 25-mile drive to Turkey.
A van sped up on the left side of the taxi and cut it off. Masked fighters jumped out. They screamed in foreign-accented Arabic, telling the journalists to lie on the pavement. They handcuffed them and threw them into the van.”
When it was found that Foley’s murderer had a British accent, security services immediately turned their attention to Shajul Islam and his brother.

“Two British brothers cleared over the Islamic State kidnapping of John Cantlie
may hold the key to the identity of the photographer’s new captor “Jihadi
John”. A third brother, 21-year-old Razul, is understood to be on a list of suspected
IS fighters who security services are comparing with video footage of the
Brit terrorist dubbed Jihadi John.”

“Shajul Islam ‘was given an interim suspension by the General Medical Council after being charged in 2012 and this remains in place.” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2731517/Does-NHS-doctor-hold-key-identifying-Jihadi-John-East-London-medic-accused-kidnapping-journalists-Syria-probed-brother-hunt-world-s-wanted-man-intensifies.html

“According to a GMC report, a secret tribunal panel heard the disciplinary case against Dr Islam in March this year [2016] and banned him for misconduct. The hearing was held in private so the details of the misconduct are not publicly known.”

“After the criminal case against him collapsed, he [Shajul Islam] faced close monitoring by the security services.




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