Hisham Saadi Arrested for Bomb Threat Hoax at Concordia University Targeting Muslims


Update: 4:15pm est.

Hisham Saadi, 47, has been charged with carrying out a hoax


It is being reported that the man who sublet to Hishma Saadi said Saadi was a Concordia PhD student, but that’s not all…

It looks like Saadi is an Anti-Semite…

Comment by Hisham SAADI — July 17th, 2006 @ 1:48 AM

English translation:

On the 6th day, the Israeli genocide continues. Yesterday, eight Canadian citizens 
were brutally massacred by Israeli bombers. At this crucial moment in our lives, 
it is important to protest against Mr. Harper's shameful position and to show our 
government that Lebanese blood is as precious as Israeli blood. We ask all Lebanese, 
our Arab colleagues, and all the friends of our fellow Canadians in Quebec, 
to present massively to the next demonstration in Montreal this Tuesday 5 pm at 
Dorchester Square. Residents from other provinces are asked to show up elsewhere 
in the country. Your symbolic presence will be a great psychological and moral 
support to our resisters and to the civilian population that is suffering and, 
unfortunately, will continue to pay the price of international silence to the 
crimes against humanity that Israel is committing.

Link to his comment:





CBC News: “Hisham Saadi, 47, has been charged with carrying out a hoax regarding terrorist activity, uttering threats and mischief in connection with the Concordia University bomb threat Wednesday.”

Saadi made a brief appearance at the Montreal courthouse via video conference from Bordeaux Prison.

He faces multiple charges of inciting fear of terrorist activities, issuing a death threat and interrupting the students and personnel of Concordia University from their activities.”


Update: 1:00pm est.


VICE News reported an interview over twitter with a man named Hunter Wallace a board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens who denied the group has a Canadian chapter. “We have no idea who sent that letter. Whoever is doing it is acting on their own,” he said, adding that he first heard about the incident in media reports.

Another facebook interview VICE claimed to have was with a man named Paul Fromm who stated “We have no Quebec chapter,” and went on to say “The sorts of threats made yesterday are illegal and counterproductive. They may well be a black op by some force trying to create sympathy for Muslims.”

Montreal police report: “The file has been transferred to Major Crimes to make sure that we find the one or more people that are responsible.”

CBC News now has a video posted to their story, but for some reason the video on their story will not play.

link to unplayable video at CBC:


Steve Rukavina, CBC posted the picture to his twitter account at a little after 1:00pm est which he says is the man responsible in the second very bizarre incident of anti-islamic sentiment in the past few months here in Canada:

more to come.




When contacting Montreal police today at 7:45am est. they said the name of the man was confidential and could not be released at this time. The officer on duty said she understood public frustration and the lack of follow up reporting by media outlets with these types of incidents.

According to Montreal police spokesperson Benoit Boisselle, the man was arrested at his apartment on Darlington Street.

Shortly after midnight, Montreal police officers, S.W.A.T., and the canine unit were involved in the arrest on Darlington St. near Goyer in Côte-des-Neiges close to Musalla Al-Falah mosque 6550 Darlington Ave.

Musalla Al-Falah 6550 Darlington Ave. Montreal QC H3S 2J3

According to police spokesperson Jean Pierre Brabant investigators managed to trace the origin of the original email to the man’s home.

Wednesday morning, several media outlets, received an e-mail threatening to “detonate once per day, a small artisanal amateur explosive devices.”

The targets were on two floors of the Hall building at 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. Ouest and one floor of the EV building, located at 1515 Sainte-Catherine St., “where Muslims hang out.”

The The emails were signed “C4 coordinator — Concordia University”  and goes on to say that the bombs are “not meant to kill anybody. The only aim is to injure some Muslim students” and that “things have changed” now that Donald Trump is in office in the U.S.


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