2017 Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Election: Debates


The election of the new leader to represent  the Conservative party of Canada will be held on, May 27, 2017. Conservatives will pick the next leader of the party, using a ranked ballot system. Anyone interested in voting must purchase a party membership before March 28.

Full List of participants:

With With 14 participants vying for the position, the stage is still crowded. So far there have been two debates. There will be a total of five debates during the leadership race, with the next, a French debate, set for Quebec City, on January 17, 2017.

Debate #1 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, November 9, 2016


Debate #2 Moncton, New Brunswick, December 6, 2016


The person who represents the Conservative Party of Canada must represent the liberties and freedoms that Conservative Canadians value and do not want to see debased or infringed upon by what has become known as “political correctness.”

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada must understand and be equipped to fight against the tactics and rhetoric of the left. They label and demonize their opponent while manipulating and dividing people into different groups to use against their opponent and each other.

The people of Canada are Canadians.

In the recent Election of 2016, America said no to leftism and is now starting to recover from the “identity politics” of “division” and “emotional manipulation” of the Obama administration and its radical leftists over the past 8 years. The same “identity politics” and “divisive” rhetoric is now finding a new home in Canada where it is being embraced and used by Trudeau’s liberal government and its media enablers.

This battle has only just begun in Canada and it will only get worse over the next few years. The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, whoever that will be, must lead the charge against the leftist ideology which history has proven only leaves death and destruction wherever it has been foolishly embraced.





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