The ‘Batman’, Who is Stephen K. Bannon?


So who is President-elect, Donald J. Trump’s pick as chief strategist in the White House?

According to mainstream media outlets, Stephen Bannon is an evil, racist, anti-semitic, baby eating, Nazi. There is no proof at all for the allegations, but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing their lies and inventing reasons to label him a such.

Here is a video of Stephen Bannon, highlighting the consistency of what he has said and done over the past several years. Watch and listen for yourself to get an idea of who Steve Bannon is and what he stands for…


As the saying goes, you’ll know them by their fruits

Judging by his own words and actions throughout the years, Steve Bannon has shown himself to be pretty decent person, but you would certainly never know that if you have been listening to what the MSM has been saying about him over the past few weeks.

From The New York Times that helped to spread the lies that led to war in Iraq, to television programming entertainment, the endless lies and accusations about Bannon have been fabricated and repeated throughout the media propaganda machine.

It’s the same thing that was done to Trump and so many other decent people that are a threat to the corrupt establishment.

The media is committing the fallacy of ‘guilt by association’ to portray Bannon as a baby eating, white-supremacist, neo-Nazi simply for the fact that he ran Breitbart news.

That is the proof…. Bannon was affiliated with Breitbart news so he is a Nazi.

Here’s the problem with that angle…

Andrew Breitbart, who was Jewish, created Breitbart news which his friend, Stephen Bannon ran after Andrew’s sudden and tragic death in 2012.

Andrew Breitbart, (February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012)
Andrew Breitbart, (February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012)

Interestingly, Andrew Breitbart also created the radical left, social justice, publication, The Huffington Post  with Arianna Huffington. 

Breitbart news and The Huffington Post are opinionated journalism. Breitbart being a window into the various views of the right leaning ideology and The Huffington Post being a window into the views of left leaning ideology. Both are made up of a consortium of paid and unpaid journalists, pundits, writers, ideologues, etc..

Both publications can be accused of the exact same biased, sometimes shocking articles that various contributers log into their accounts and post. Obviously some of what comes out of Breitbart news is going to appeal to fringe elements of the alt-right because it’s going against the alt-left. Both publications appeal to ‘darker fringe groups’ that every political, social and ideological movement or organization has.

The main difference is that the left embrace and use these fringe groups to advance their ideology and much of what comes out of The Huffington Post is geared towards divisive, emotionally manipulating rhetoric to intentionally appeal and embolden the various radical alt-left fringe type groups.


The left works on the politics of division by dividing people into groups and playing them against each other. They use tactics that came straight from the pages of Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals.” 

A false narrative is created with an illusion of oppressor vs oppressed. This in turn creates a sense of ‘victimhood’ for gullible people to ‘identify’ with. They use nice sounding words such as peace, unity, equality, social justice, etc… presenting an ideal future Utopian world if only it wasn’t for the oppressors who are the people that don’t agree with their naive, even delusional opinions.


Anyone that questions, challenges or disagrees with the opinions of these self righteous, useful idiots, for any reason, are automatically slandered with the usual labels of racists, bigots, sexists, misogynists, homophobes, etc… and more often than not, these delusional people with their sense of moral superiority find it acceptable to become violent towards the people that they falsely label and slander with their weaponized words in the name of peace, equality and unity.


The same rhetoric of the radical left are the same promises of a Utopia of peace, equality and unity that Marxist-Leninist rhetoric preached by tyrants and dictators of history and history also shows us how that “Utopian” ideology worked out for the people who had to live under it.

Like Andrew Breitbart, Stephen Bannon understands the Marxist ideology that has taken over the democratic party which is now filled with radical leftists who want to push their destructive agenda on the American people.

The job of the media is to be the watchdogs of such corruption taking place in Washington and keep the public aware of any facts and information that impacts their lives. What the 2016 Presidential election made clear to everyone is that the main stream media is not doing their job and even worse, lying to the public while colluding with establishment politicians and participating in the very criminal behavior they are supposed to be the watchdogs of and keep the public well informed about.

Stephen K. Bannon
Stephen K. Bannon

Through his words and actions, Steve Bannon has shown himself to be a fighter for working class Americans and someone who genuinely cares about the future of the United States of America. No wonder why the political establishment and their media machine are trying so hard to smear Bannon with such false accusations.

Stephen K. Bannon is like a real life Bruce Wayne.

A modern day American hero.








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