Business Insider; “Donald J. Trump isn’t just some lucky idiot who won an election.”




(BI)“The stock market doesn’t fear a Trump presidency, and neither should you…

America did not suddenly become more racist, sexist and homophobic in the last four years. Many of Trump’s opponents think that the man is evil, but even if you hate Trump, don’t assume that his supporters have the same view of the person as you do.

Most Americans think that racists are villains, and very few of us would willingly vote for a bad guy as president. If you can’t imagine how a non-racist could support Trump, please accept that this is a limitation of your imagination, not evidence that most Trump voters, including twenty-nine percent of Latino voters, are racists.

Yes, Trump was endorsed by self-proclaimed KKK leaders. But reversed stupidity isn’t intelligence.

The fact that Hitler was a vegetarian in no way morally discredits vegetarianism, and the KKK’s endorsement of a candidate should have zero impact on your opinion of a candidate’s character. If a group of a few thousand pro-ISIS Americans endorsed Hillary, would you really have considered this to be a justifiable reason to fear a Clinton presidency?”




The markets have been artificially inflated and interest rates have been kept  way too low for way too long.

What the Trump surge shows, is that “confidence” has been restored in the markets and that is one of the most important, key factors!










President-elect Donald Trump; Making Canada Great Again!






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