Researchers ask Justin Trudeau for ‘Science’ and ‘Fact’ in Environmental Assessments




(Global News) – “A group of young scientific researchers has drafted an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressing concern that current environmental assessments and regulatory reviews lack “scientific rigour.”

The recommendations made by the researchers are common sense requests that should have never been an issue of concern in the first place.

What the researchers are saying is that they are concerned about “agenda driven” environmental assessments produced for public consumption based on very little, if any, actual science or facts!

Their recommendations include:

  • having projects assessed by parties who have an arms length relationship from proponents.

  • decision-making criteria be developed so decisions are based on science and fact.

  • assessments should be made publicly available

The researchers said they made the request, in part because;

“they must live with the future effects of major projects that get approval.”

The concerns the researchers addressed in their open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, should have everybody concerned.












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