President-elect Donald Trump; Making Canada Great Again!

Donald Trump packed Stadium crowd, U.S. Presidential election, 2016.
Donald Trump packed Stadium crowd, U.S. Presidential election, 2016.

Donald Trump has single handedly rendered the globalist, Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal dead in the water, regardless of Barack Obama saying he was going to sign it the other day and avoided going to war with Russia.

Trump even took out both the Bush and Clinton crime families, with a little help from the Hulkster!

Now it looks like the liberals absurd new carbon tax on the citizens of Canada, might not come to fruition as expected;

(cbc news) – “Pursuing a carbon tax now that Donald Trump has become president-elect is “complete insanity,” says interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose.”

The concluding paragraph out of the (National Post) reads; “Pressing ahead with a costly program that is likely to have negligible impact while undermining Canadian competitiveness and endangering jobs is not a responsible or sensible way to act. Ottawa is going to have to accept that life has changed since last Tuesday’s election, and it has no choice but to recognize that reality.”

Between killing the TPP, avoiding world war with Russia, taking down the Bush / Clinton crime families and changing course on the crazy carbon tax, Trump is doing pretty good already considering he doesn’t even take office until the Presidential inauguration on, January 20th.


Ben Garrison Cartoons
Ben Garrison Cartoons


Unlike Justin Trudeau,

Trump is already Making Canada Great Again!



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