Instead of Asking for Calm, Obama Fuels the Fires of Rage with Pipeline Announcement



Has anybody heard Barack Obama call for calm amid these ongoing violent riots taking place on streets across the United States?

Of course not. Instead, the Obama administration announced that it was planning to give final approval for the Dakota Access pipeline as soon as Monday, politico reported.

The announcement does nothing but help fuel the fires of rage in an already uneasy climate of anger and frustration, which is sure to entice more protests and violence.

Maybe that was the whole point of the announcement.



“The Obama administration on Friday denied a report that it had decided to give final approval to the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline.


“The process is ongoing and no decisions have been made,” an administration official told Politico

Politico had reported earlier Friday that the Army Corps of Engineers would announce approval as early as Monday, citing two sources familiar with the plans.”








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