Democratic National Convention: The DNC, Day 1; Victimhood, Inequality

Democratic National Convention Stage at the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia
Democratic National Convention Stage at the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia

As protesters continued to rage outside the DNC, inside a number of high profile speakers took to the stage, surrounded by a wall and with not even one American flag to be found, except the ones burning outside. Although, there were some other flags being waved inside the DNC on Monday night.


The most applause of the night went to the child of an illegal immigrant the Democrats paraded onto the stage. Children are commonly used as a weapon of propaganda when trying to appeal to peoples emotions in psychological warfare. Not to mention the fact that the DNC broke federal laws while using their stage prop, but since when did the left care about laws?

The speakers sounded the same using all the tired buzz words (racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, xenophobe, etc..), but that was expected and it will probably be like that for the duration of the event. The left are master manipulators of peoples feelings and emotions.

Michelle Obama speaks at the DNC, July 25, 2016

The keynote speaker of the night was Michelle Obama. Michelle knows Hillary can’t win on her record, so she tried to make a case for Hillary by playing the gender card and giving a great speech on victimhood and inequality. The only problem was, the narrative Michelle Obama was trying to portray is just not true.

In America children see professional women and men, of all races, making their way in life everyday. It is people like Hillary Clinton, Michelle and Barack Obama, who have fueled racial and gender division. Trying to create a sense of victimhood and inequality that doesn’t exist in reality.




Hillary’s Dirty DNC: Democratic National Convention 2016



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