Germany’s Islamic terrorist attack epidemic

People lay flowers in Munich after Ali Sonboly shooting
People lay flowers in Munich shopping mall attack

It has been an unfortunate past few weeks in Germany with all the recent islamic terrorist attacks the country has had to endure thanks to Merkel’s “open door” border policy.

Last Monday a 17 year old refugee carried out an axe attack on a train in Würzburg, seriously injuring five people, four who were tourists from Hong Kong. The country was still on high alert from that attack, when 18 year old, Ali Sonboly shot dead nine people, mainly teens, at a shopping mall in Munich on Friday.


On Saturday, Germany had to deal with another terror after a machete-wielding Syrian refugee in Reutlingen slaughtered a pregnant woman working in a kebab shop.

Germany grappled with an extraordinary week of violence ending Sunday with a Syrian asylum seeker blowing himself up outside a wine bar during a music festival.

Music festival attack in Ansbach, Germany

German citizens are outraged with Angela Merkel’s destructive policies, saying she has “blood on her hands” and calling for her resignation after she actively welcomed 1.1million refugees into the country last year.

Germany in revolt due to the Muslim immigration

For decades European governments ignored extremists and gave them a space. First it was only few radical Islamists. The government ignored it and said you’re racist if you blame all. Then it was thousands, hundreds of thousands then millions.

Western countries are quickly learning that there is a dangerous ideology that many of the people bring with them.




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