Obama Administration ‘Partially’ Declassifies 28 pages on Saudi ties to 9/11 Terror Attacks


WASHINGTON—The Obama administration on Friday declassified 28 pages of a congressional inquiry into the Sept. 11, 2001, Islamic terrorist attacks.

The 28 pages are a small portion of a joint House-Senate investigation into the 9/11 attacks. The investigation was conducted in 2002 and dealt with foreign sponsorship of extremist groups. The Bush administration reviewed the report before its release and withheld the portion released Friday.

pdf link to the declassified 28 pages:





While Saudi Arabia has publicly stated that they don’t have any problem with the release of the 28 pages, the Kingdom was quick to make some threats recently on an issue tied to these pages. The New York Times ran a story on April 15, 2016 reporting;

“Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets held by the kingdom if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.”


The information contained in the 28 pages will reveal the following

Fahad al-Thumairy was a Saudi diplomat. A higher ranking Government official than the Intelligent agents he was giving orders to.

Now use a tiny bit of common sense, and ask yourself if the reason you don’t find his name in the joint inquiry is gosh…I don’t know……..you think he might be mentioned in those 28 pages? Think Bandar might be mentioned? or Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud? I wonder why they would be mentioned and why I am not allowed to know?

Let’s keep it simple and stick with Fahad al-Thumairy.

The CIA knew about the terrorist meeting in Malaysia and was covering it. Mihdar and Hazmi were going and they knew that to. The CIA even stole Mihdars passport and knew he was coming to America. They shared this info with Saudi Intelligence but NOT the FBI… So far this theory of mine is not a theory. It’s all admitted.

They arrive in America-Los Angelos to be exact. Hardly speaking English and having never been here before. Someone else had been here before… The big time al Qaeda terrorist who was at the same meeting in Malaysia. His name is Bin Attash and was the mastermind of the USS Cole that killed 17 U.S. Sailors. He came to America on Dec 31 1999 arrived in Los Angelos. But there is no record of him getting off this flight.

A Saudi Diplomat could escort him through though and get around that. Let’s call this Saudi Diplomat, Fahad al Thumairy. And let’s say that a couple of weeks after this meeting Hazmi and Mihdar (who BTW stay in an apartment with a guy called KSM while they were in Malaysia under surveillance) they arrive in L.A. and are taken to an apartment house that this Saudi Diplomat'(Fahad al-Thumairy) has several leases under his name.

After a couple of weeks Saudi Agent Bayoumi, stops by the Saudi Consultant in L.A. meets Thumairy, receives his orders and meets the future hijackers, at a restaurant near the Apartment building Thumairy set them up in. And they end up with Bayoumi being their next babysitter and he gets them enrolled in flight schools and gets them ID cards and even pays their rent.

I stole this theory from the FBI Penttbom Investigation and that is just a tiny bit of what is censored in those 28 pages. Because the 19 terrorists that died were at the bottom of the Al Qaeda/Saudi totem pole. Higher up are Saudi Agents like Bassnan and Bayoumi, and higher up still are Government officials like Fahad al-Thumairy.


This censored FBI report shows much of what I just said…….


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Why are the 28 pages even more important today?

Our Terrorist Friends; Nothing changes


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  1. Good that it may be released, but still ignoring the true criminals responsible for 9/11. May each and every last one of them be discovered and given what they deserve for their role in this horrible event.


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