Is The Clinton Foundation a charity fraud network?


A Canadian affiliate of the Clinton Foundation that has raised millions from mining executives has spent far more on salaries and administrative costs than charitable programming in the two most recent years for which numbers are available, according to financial statements from the Canada Revenue Agency — amounting to 78 per cent of its expenditures. — to “management and administration” in 2014.

A similar ratio — 72 per cent to “management and administration” costs and 28 per cent to charitable programs — is in the 2013 return.

Globe and Mail

*the CARLY for America super PAC noted that the Clinton Foundation’s latest IRS Form 990 shows total revenue of nearly $149 million in 2013, and total charitable grant disbursements of nearly $9 million (see page 10). That’s roughly only 6 percent of the budget going to grants. And besides those grants, the super PAC said, “there really isn’t anything that can be categorized as charitable.”





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