Why I support the “Official Story”


Why I support the “Official Story”
jimd3100 – October 09, 2010

By “Official Story” I am referring to Government Investigations into the 9-11 attacks, official government documents, Mainstream news reports, and reports from established “mainstream” authors.

The official story tells us that when given repeated warnings of a catastrophic attack, the Secretary of Defense deserted his post when the attacks finally happened on 9-11, along with the President of the United States, who not only deserted his post but lied to the American People as to the Motive behind the attacks and committed obstruction of justice and treason while conducting a cover up. The official story tells us that VP Dick Cheney and National Security Adviser C Rice are both liars that lied about the events that took place on 9-11. The official story tells us that the U.S. Government knew exactly what the conclusions of the NIST Investigation into the WTC disaster would be before NIST even was assigned to do an investigation.

“There are people who hate freedom. This is a fight for freedom.” – President Bush

The people he is referring to were called “Freedom fighters” by the U.S. Government when we and the Saudis were both funding and training them to fight the Russians. The President is lying. The hijackers made videos and made it clear why they wanted to be martyrs and it was because of the American interference in other countries and it’s unwavering support for Israel and it’s unfairness in the Israeli-Palestinian situation. So he has no intention on solving the roots of this kind of terrorism, or even being honest in it’s cause.

“The former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee tells Salon that the White House has suppressed convincing evidence that Saudi government agents aided at least two of the hijackers.”

In his book, Graham asserts that the White House blocked investigations into Saudi Arabian government support for the 9/11 plot, in part because of the Bush family’s close ties to the Saudi royal family and wealthy Saudis like the bin Ladens

“Graham’s allegations — supported by the Republican vice chairman of the House-Senate 9/11 investigation, Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, but not his co-chairman, Rep. Porter Goss, Bush’s nominee to become director of the CIA — are not new. But his book states them more forcefully than before, even as Graham adds new insight into Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, made apparently well before the president asserted he had exhausted all options.”

That’s called obstruction of Justice and treason. The charge isn’t being made by a tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorist”. It’s being made by the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee who investigated the attacks of 9-11.

The official story tells us that most of the attackers of 9-11 were Saudi’s. Are the Saudi ‘s going to help us investigate 9-11?

“Thursday, September 13, 2001
The Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, insisted that Middle Eastern suppliers will keep up America’s fuel stock. He also pledged yesterday that “the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab people, the Muslim people will help to expose the identities of the perpetrators.”


Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar, aka Bandar Bush claims he’s on our side, but the official story also says he assisted Saudi agents and terrorists including the terrorists of 9-11.

“October 2 2001
Prince Bandar said he met Bin Laden in the 1980s when he was supporting Afghanistan in its war against the Soviet Union.”

“He came to thank me for my efforts to bring the Americans, our friends, to help us against the atheist communists… Isn’t it ironic?”

As this video shows Bandar has access to the highest levels of the U.S. Government including the head of the CIA.

“He’s got instant access to the CIA, anybody he wants.” – Ex CIA R Baer

In the following video interview from 12-17-01, several months after 9-11, Bandar still claims he was surprised to find out Saudis were involved, and he also explains that thanks to 9-11, what Americans considered to be dissidents are now terrorists, because the wonderful Government of Saudi Arabia is nothing more than the Saudi royal family. After 9-11 anyone against any government(including the Saudi Government)is a terrorist to that government, so in that sense 9-11 was a pretty good deal as far as increasing government control over populations………….

MSNBC Bandar interview 12-17-01

Finally he admits(not on American TV)that Saudi Intelligence knew all about the 9-11 hijackers,
he should know since his brother in law was the head of Saudi Intelligence at the time, and FBI reports that he was assisting Saudi Agents helping the hijackers.

“Speaking to the Arabic satellite network Al-Arabiya on Thursday, Bandar — now Abdullah’s national security adviser — said Saudi intelligence was “actively following” most of the September 11, 2001, plotters “with precision.”
“If U.S. security authorities had engaged their Saudi counterparts in a serious and credible manner, in my opinion, we would have avoided what happened,” he said.”


“Hijackers Lived With FBI Informant”

If our elected officials are going to Investigate the 9-11 attacks that would be someone worth talking to wouldn’t you think? The President disagreed.

Senator Bob Graham; co-chair of The Joint Inquiry 9/11 Intelligence Failure
Senator Bob Graham; co-chair of The Joint Inquiry 9/11 Intelligence Failure

According to the Official story, The President committed obstruction of justice and treason. This paragraph from the Congress and Senate joint inquiry into the attacks of 9-11 proves it.

“The Administration has to date objected to the Inquiry’s efforts to interview the informant in order to attempt to resolve those inconsistencies. The Administration also would not agree to allow the FBI to serve a Committee subpoena and deposition notice on the informant. Instead, written interrogatories from the Joint Inquiry were, at the suggestion of the FBI, provided to the informant. Through an attorney, the informant has declined to respond to those interrogatories and has indicated that, if subpoenaed, the informant would request a grant of immunity prior to testifying.” page 51/858

The official story tells us that after the FBI informant refused to co operate in the joint inquiry investigation he was rewarded with $100,000.

“Initially the asset was not paid. In July 2003, the asset was given a $100,000 payment and closed as an asset.”
footnote 197 DOJOIG report

Here is a 31 page FBI report showing OMAR AL BAYOUMI to be an agent of Saudi Arabian Intelligence who assisted several of the 9-11 hijackers, and introduced them to the informant…


More from FBI reports showing Saudi Intelligence Agents assisting the 9-11 hijackers…..

“2. Al-Bayoumi has been determined to have co-signed for hijackers
Nawaf Al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-Mihdhar when they rented an apartment at
the Parkwood Apartments complex and to have sometimes paid rent for

“6. <<redacted>>has been identified as a citizen of Saudi Arabia
who, in October 1992 hosted a party for Sheik Omar Rahman, the
mastermind of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Towers. <<redacted>>
has also been determined to have known Osama Bin Laden’s family in
Saudi Arabia and to have telephonic contact with members of Bin
Laden’s family who are currently in the U.S.”

“On September 11, 2001, Nawaf AI-Hazmi and Khalid AlMihdhar
hijacked American Airlines Flight #77 and crashed the plane
into the Pentagon. Passenger manifests from American Airlines
confirmed Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar were passengers on American
Airlines #77.”

“Rental records for the Parkwood Apartments, 6401 Mount Ada
Road, San Diego; California indicate that, prior to moving into
apartment 150, hijackers Nawaf Al-Hazmi and Khalid AI-Mihdhar lived
with Omar Al-Bayoumi at 6333 Mount Ada Road, apartment 152 San Diego,
California. Prior to that, they indicated they lived in Saudi
Arabia. Al-Bayoumi further appears as co-signer and guarantor for
AI-Hazmi and AI-Mihdhar on their rental application. AI-Bayoumi
recommended Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar to the property manager of the
Parkwood Apartments and was listed as the co-signer and guarantor on
their lease because they did not have established credit. According
to the apartment manager of the Parkwood Apartments, Al-Bayoumi
occasionally paid rent for Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar.”

“Investigation has determined after vacating the apartment
at Parkwood, AI-Hazmi and AI-Mihdhar moved to the above address in
Lemon Grove, California which they found through an advertisement at
the Islamic Center of San Diego.”

“The possibility <<redacted>>being affiliated with the Saudi
Arabian Government or the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Service is
supported by <<redacted>>
listing his employment in 1992 as the
<<redacted redacted redacted>>>
Parkwood Apartment complex in July 2001 could indicate he succeeded
Omar AI-Bayoumi and may be undertaking activities on behalf of the
Government of Saudi Arabia.”

“On October 17, 1992,<<redacted>> hosted a party at his house
in Washington, D.C. for Sheik Omar Rahman, convicted mastermind of
the 1993 World Trade Towers bombing.”


That classified FBI report indicates that alleged hijacker associate Osama Basnan has long-time links to both the bin Laden family and the Saudi government.

“The FBI report, which will be obtained by the website Intelwire.com in 2008, is heavily redacted, and all mentions of Basnan’s name appear to be redacted. However, one can sometimes determine when Basnan is being referred to. For instance, the same paragraph that mentions his link to the bin Laden family also says the same person with that link hosted a party for Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman in 1992, and press reports have indicated that person was Basnan”

According to the official story al-Bayoumi associates with terrorists.

“Since September 11, the FBI has learned that al-Bayoumi has connections to terrorist elements.

According to Time magazine Prince Bandar supports terrorists, including those assisting the 9-11 hijackers. The joint inquiry also states this but President Bush refused to allow 28 pages of the report which exposes that to be released, because he evidently is a traitor protecting Saudi Arabians.

“A Saudi national, Bassnan was living in San Diego last year and has been linked to Omar al Bayoumi, a Saudi student who befriended two men who wound up helping crash Flight 77 into the Pentagon. The sources also say that the ambassador, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, gave $15,000 to Bassnan.

“Bassnan was a close associate of al-Bayoumi, [censured] [censured] Bassnan also had close ties to a number of other persons connected to the hijackers, including [censured]” page 228/858

“After September 11, the FBI developed information clearly indicating that Bassnan is an extremist and a Bin Ladin supporter. [censured] [censured]”
page 229/858

The joint inquiry into the 9-11 attacks says Saudi Agents being funded by Prince Bandar assisted the hijackers….

“One of the FBI’s best sources in San Diego informed the FBI that he thought that al-Bayoumi must be an intelligence officer for Saudi Arabia or another foreign power.”
page 226/858 (from congress/senate Inquiry)

This FBI report reports that as well…..

“The exact nature of Bayoumi’s employment has remained unclear, but his close associates suspected him of being a Saudi intelligence officer.” (FBI Document)

The FBI reports Bandar associates with terrorists including those assisting the 9-11 hijackers….

“4. Associations: Closely associated with <<redacted>>Ambassador Prince Bandar).”
(FBI Document)

“Since September 11, the FBI has learned that al-Bayoumi has connections to terrorist elements.”
(senate/congress joint Inquiry)

The official story tells us that the Bush Administration is covering all this up, and that makes Bush a traitor……

“Congressional Record: October 28, 2003 (Senate)
The amendment is as follows:
(Purpose: To urge the President to release information regarding
sources of foreign support for the 9-11 hijackers)
At the appropriate place, insert the following:
Sec. . Sense of the Senate on declassifying portions of
the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities
Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001.
(a) Findings. –The Senate finds that–
(1) The President has prevented the release to the American
public of 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence
Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks
of September 2001.
(2) The contents of the redacted pages discuss sources of
foreign support for some of the September 11th hijackers
while they were in the United States.”


Bandar has been an international arms dealer for many years. Wars are good for business.

“I can buy you. You can buy me. Everybody has a price. It depends how much.” – Prince Bandar Page 161

Martin Indyk worked in the National Security Council and was a former Ambassador to Israel, he’s also a Zionist and researcher for AIPAC, so it’s funny to see these people point the finger at each other. Yea Bush and Cheney were surrounded by Zionists and Israel was a big benefactor on the “war on terror”. But they and the Saudis do agree on some things. They both hated Saddam and they both fear and distrust Iran which is Shiite(Saudi Arabia are mostly Sunnis)

“Indyk remembered a different Bandar, one who was a super-hawk when it came to Saddam. “He was always pushing for the United States to bomb Iraq, much more than Paul Wolfowitz.” He was referring to the neoconservative scholar and senior Pentagon official who would later press so hard for the U.S. Invasion of Iraq in 2003. “He wanted us to knock off Saddam.” Indyk was convinced the prince had a personal grudge to settle with Saddam. When the State Department had taken away his security detail after Clinton came into office, Bandar had protested vociferously, arguing he needed it because Saddam had taken out a contract to have him killed. Also, Saddam had tried to assassinate his favorite U.S. president, George H.W. Bush, while he was visiting Kuwait after leaving office in April 1993. So the prince couldn’t wait for the U.S. bombs to fall. page 137

So the Official Story tells us that Prince Bandar aka Bandar Bush was assisting Saudi Agents and terrorists, and he himself admits Saudi Intelligence were tracking the 9-11 hijackers with precision, and it’s also known Bandar is close to the head of the CIA, not just the Bush Family…..

“Some CIA sources say that George Tenet set the tone for the CIA’s Saudi relationship by relying heavily on developing close relationships with top Saudi officials, including Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, then the Saudi ambassador to the United States. Tenet met regularly with the Saudi ambassador. CIA officers familiar with the agency’s relationship with Saudi Arabia say that about once a month, Tenet would slip away from CIA headquarters and travel to Bandar’s nearby estate in McLean, Virginia, for quiet talks.”

“Bandar and Tenet had a very close relationship,” said one CIA officer. “Bandar had a unique role, he was in charge of the American relationship for Saudi Arabia.”

“But some CIA officers handling Saudi issues complain that Tenet would not tell them what he had discussed with Bandar, making it difficult for agency officials to know the nature of any deals their boss was arranging with the Saudis.” page 188

“Prince Bandar, for example, was extremely close to the first President Bush and the entire Bush family; in his book about the war in Iraq, Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward reported that President Bush alerted Bandar to the timing of the 2003 invasion before he notified Secretary of State Colin Powell. ” Page 189

Bandar, who according to the official story is assisting terrorist agents who are helping the hijackers is basically a member of the Bush Administration:

“Subsequently, on January 11, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Richard Myers met in Cheney’s office with Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to the United States.”
“At that meeting, Myers showed Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador, a map labeled “top secret noforn,” meaning that it was not to be seen by any foreign national, Woodward told CBS.”
“The map outlined the U.S. battle plan for Iraq, which was to begin with an air attack, followed by land invasions moving north from Kuwait and south from Turkey, according to the book.”
“Two days after the meeting with Bandar, on January 13, Bush met with Powell in the Oval Office to inform his chief diplomat that he had decided to go to war.”


Moving on to the day of 9-11

The official story tells us that after getting numerous warnings all summer long of an impending attack NSA Rice and President Bush both knew a commercial Airliner struck the WTC before he stepped into the classroom….

Emma E. Booker Elementary School principal Gwen Tose’-Rigell explains…….

“Tose’-Rigell, 50, says she first knew something was amiss when Bush emerged from his car and was whisked into a special holding room to take a telephone call. Then she was summoned to the room to talk to the president.”

“He said a commercial plane has hit the World Trade Center, and we’re going to go ahead and go on, we’re going on to do the reading thing anyway,” Tose’-Rigell recalls. “At that point my summation was they wanted him to know about this because it was important, but it couldn’t be anything huge.”

Released notes from 9-11 Commission (POTUS = President of the United States)…..

“October 24, 2001
Sequence of events
– First plane hits; Rice calls POTUS – tells him at end of convo that it’s a commercial plane.

November 1,2001
Sequence of Events
• Called POTUS after first hit; said at first it’s a twin engine and then a few minutes later said no, it’s a commercial plane (so POTUS knew when he hung up it was a commercial plane??)

August 2,2002
Sequence of Events
• First plane hits; “we thought maybe a twin engine plane of some kind, a small plane.” [She omits the reference to it being a commercial plane]

• Call to POTUS after WTC 1 hit: in the first interview w/Woodward (10/24/01) she mentions that at the end of this call “Tony” said they think it’s a commercial plane, and she passes this along to POTUS. This description drops off in subsequent interviews.

• John King (CNN) asks her about MINETA”s description of the military aide in the PEOC asking the VP if the shoot down orders still stand – the point is that MINETA has told this story before.”

What is Bush’s reaction to hearing a passenger jet has flown into the WTC?

“There’s one terrible pilot”

The official story tells us that Bush Rumsfeld Rice and Cheney all lied to the American people, and the official story tells us that Bush and Rumsfeld are the only ones authorized to issue shoot down orders and neither one did. Bush finally did after it was confirmed the last plane was down……

“Prior to 9/11, it was understood that an order to shoot down a commercial aircraft would have to be issued by the National Command Authority (a phrase used to describe the president and secretary of defense ).” page 17/46

Minutes after terrorists crashed hijacked planes into the World Trade Center, President Bush ordered military jets into the air around Washington with orders to shoot down
any airliner that refused to turn away from the city, Vice President Richard B. Cheney said yesterday.”


Nope…that’s a lie….

“At 10:10, the pilots over Washington were emphatically told “negative clearance to shoot.” Shootdown authority was first communicated to NEADS at 10:31.” – 9-11 Commission

“The time of notification of the crash of United 93 was 10:15.

“The Vice President was logged calling the President at 10:18 for a two-minute conversation that obtained the confirmation. On Air Force One, the President’s press secretary was taking notes; Ari Fleischer recorded that at 10:20, the President told him that he had authorized a shootdown of aircraft if necessary.”
– 9-11 Commission

“Fleischer’s 10:20 note is the first mention of shootdown authority. See White House notes,Ari Fleischer notes, Sept. 11, 2001; see also Ari Fleischer interview (Apr. 22, 2004).”- 9-11 Commission

So what did they tell Woodward of the Washington post (and us?)….

“Bush then talked to Rumsfeld to clarify the procedures military pilots should follow in trying to force an unresponsive plane to the ground before opening fire on it. First, pilots would seek to make radio contact with the other plane and tell the pilot to land at a specific location. If that failed, the pilots were to use visual signals. These included having the fighters fly in front of the other plane.
If the plane continued heading toward what was seen as a significant target with apparently hostile intent, the U.S. pilot would have the authority to shoot it down. With Bush’s approval, Rumsfeld passed the order down the chain of command.”


The 9-11 Commission asked them about that, because they had the documents and records proving it was a lie…. are they going to tell this lie to the commission? No…..they will get amnesia….

“The President apparently spoke to Secretary Rumsfeld for the first time that morning shortly after 10:00. No one can recall the content of this conversation, but it was a brief call in which the subject of shootdown authority was not discussed.” – 9-11 Commission

The official story tells us that NSA C Rice lies to us about these shoot down orders as well….

Here’s Condi Rice lying to you…..

“Q At one point that morning, the President gave an order to the Combat Air Patrol pilots giving them permission to shoot down U.S. commercial airliners. How did that decision come about, and how did you take on board the gravity of that decision?

DR. RICE: The President did give the order to shoot down a civilian plane if it was not responding properly. And it was authority requested through channels by Secretary Rumsfeld, and the Vice President passed the request, the President said yes.”

John Farmer on the 9/11 Commission
John Farmer on the 9/11 Commission

John Farmer exposes this false statement in his book “The Ground Truth”……

“The authority was not requested through channels, when Secretary Rumsfeld joined the Air Threat Conference Call at 10:30 and was told about the shoot down order by Vice President Cheney, he was clearly unaware of it. Whether the vice president had requested prior authorization from the president is disputed, but uncorroborated by the records of the day.” page 260

This is just a small sample of why I “support” the official story. Because the official story itself, shows how elements of the government(not just the U.S. Government) were involved in the 9-11 attacks, and how there was a cover up. The official story itself shows the need for a truth and accountability movement.

But to be fair, I should include what President Bush has to say when confronted with some of this stuff.

New York Times reporter Philip Shenon covered the 9-11 Commission for the paper then wrote a book later called The Commission. In his book is the following…….

“John Lehman thought that he asked some of the tougher questions of Bush during the session, especially about the possibility of Saudi government ties to some of the hijackers. Lehman recalled asking Bush about the news reports that checks for thousands of dollars written by the wife of Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador in Washington, might have been funneled to two of the hijackers in San Diego. “He dodged the questions,” said Lehman.
page 344

Bush after leaving the session:
“I answered every question they asked” –G Bush after meeting with 9-11 Commission (1:55 mark in the following video)

“He dodged the questions,” said Lehman. page 344

“I answered every question they asked” –G Bush after meeting with 9-11 Commission (1:55 mark)

“He dodged the questions,” said Lehman. page 344

Just add it to the pile of lies already documented.








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