Dark Intelligence, Deep Politics; A Conversation with John Judge

John Judge, independent investigator of historic events and deep politics (December 14, 1947 - April 15, 2014)
John Judge, Scholar of historic events dark, intelligence and deep politics (December 14, 1947 – April 15, 2014)

As to the research,

The only way we are going to credibly deconstruct the Final Report at this point for the public is to throw out the speculations and theories and get to their own evidence. Their documents, interviews and records are finally being released. We need to go chapter by chapter and link the statement to the footnote to the cited reference in the released documents and then work back to the claim from the evidence.

This is how we demolished the Warren Report years ago, their own evidence failed to prove it and often disproved it.

I am sure the Final Report is similarly flawed. It was written as a “narrative” by Timothy Naftali (Blind Spot), Ernest May (now deceased) and Philip Zelikow (all of the Miller Center at U. VA., all involved in distortions in writing about the historical record, all linked to CIA financed studies at Yale and Harvard, all part of government work and ties to Condi Rice and others in the Bush administration. Zelikow had even more serious conflicts of interest, having been forced to recuse himself and testify to his own Commission at points. And Chairman Governor Keane replied, “all of us will have to recuse ourselves at some point in this investigation” when the victim families demanded Zelikow step down.

Zelikow also wrote disclaimers to the two released investigative team reports (“monographs”) that came out at the time of the Report (Terrorist Travel and Terrorist Financing”, saying that they were “not official documents of the 9/11 Commission. Only 3 of 9 teams have had their reports released. Many openly disagreed with the Commission conclusions, and the air response team almost quit over lies from FAA and NORAD officials who testified. Their report was further vetted by the White House for over a year before being released.

If Zelikow distances himself from his own investigative teams it is because he already had a narrative and conclusion to present to the public and their evidence just got in the way. I am sure this approach will crack it wide open and once discredited then we can start to ask that the unanswered questions be addressed. Demanding that our own theories be accepted and verified will not get us anywhere. However, forcing the media, the Congress and others to look at the evidence that contradicts the Report and points in the direction of our suspicions might unearth the truth in a better way. We can also call on whistle blowers who know more about the botched investigation to come forward. There are very basic questions that were never properly addressed or answered by the 9/11 Commission,


Who exactly were all the 20 hijackers aboard the 4 flights that day? There was a 6th hijacker never even named aboard Flight 77. The identities given by the FBI to the press, and in their hands at 10:00 am that morning they claim (!!!), included names and pictures of stolen IDs from living people who were not connected to the plot. Once this is known, tracing those names back to Hamburg cells, to training in Afghanistan, etc. is futile. You have a legend not a reality.

Who was the “state-level terrorism” sponsor of the events of 9/11 that early officials and commentators said could not have been carried out by a small group? Is there a role for Saudi Arabia or Pakistan in the event?

What is the White Paper evidence sourcing Osama bin Laden and the Afghanistan “mujaheddin” that was shown to the British officials to get support for the war on Afghanistan but never to the American public. Why was the British comment on that evidence that is was “not enough to go to court, but enough to go to war”? When, in fact was the war on Afghanistan planned and to what end, since that was clearly in place prior to 9/11?

What is the meaning of evidence that links the 9/11 events, bin Laden and the “Al Qaeda” to previous covert operations by US and British intelligence over many decades? Both the covert war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Iran-Contra war in Nicaragua have links to opium or cocaine financing, deep cover, and ties to the named hijackers inside the United States?

How could four hijacked planes, which were clearly air emergencies demanding a standard scramble response within minutes, starting as early as 8:14 am on 9/11, evade not only NORAD/FAA responses, but also separate scramble requirements within DC air space known as P-56 and the defenses of the Pentagon itself?

What was the order referred to by Norman Minetta in his testimony, questioned that day by a young man in the White House Emergency Operations Center bunker when a plane was said to be “50 miles out” (the edge of P-56 Air Defense Identification Zone), then 30 miles, then 10. “Does the order still stand?” the young man repeatedly asked Cheney as the plane got closer. Minetta said that Cheney then snapped his neck around and said “Of course the order still stands, have you heard anything different”? This is moments before the Pentagon is hit, the first comment having been made around 9:26 am according to Minetta. He thought it was a shoot down order, but could it have been? There was nothing up to shoot it down with, though the Pentagon could have done so with its own missiles. I was told in 1999 by the head of security for the Pentagon that they “had cameras and radar up there [on the roof of the Pentagon] in case they try to run a plane into the building”.

I was incredulous when told they were on Delta Alert, their highest level of security in 1999, due to bomb threats daily by Muslims. “Cameras and radar” do not stop an incoming plane. Did they turn off this alert system on 9/11 when a plane actually came? I now know that they had known of the scenario of the attack, method and target, from the Bojinka Plan on Ramsi Yusef’s computer captured in a raid by the Philippine police in 1996. Was this a stand down order instead?

Who is Osama bin Laden, is he alive and who does he work for? He has done work for CIA and DoD contract jobs in the past. He did receive CIA money through a Pakistan ISI intelligence conduit to conduct the war in Afghanistan on the behalf of the US. He later called a meeting of terrorist leaders in Afghanistan which was unsuccessfully attacked with a cruise missile during the Clinton administration. bin Laden somehow got an advance warning and turned away from the meeting before the missile landed, but he did not notify the people attending. Who do they think he is? When operation Able Danger was set up to “manipulate, degrade or destroy” Al Qaeda as a Black Op by the DIA, what did it mean to “manipulate” that organization?


Those will do for starters.


Was there really a “failure of intelligence” regarding 9/11? Could no one “have imagined” planes being used to attack buildings?

The House/Senate Joint Intelligence Committee report found numerous instances of just such plans and actual attacks by these groups.

Conversation with Researcher and Scholar John Judge
July 26, 2010

John Judge has co-founded many commitees including the Committee for an Open Archives, Committee for High School Options and Information on Careers, Education and Self-Improvement (CHOICES) as well as 911 CitizensWatch in which he played a pivotal role along with 9/11 victims family members in demanding a transparent investigation into the attacks of September 11 2001 by the 9/11 Commission.

John has a website http://www.judgeforyourself.us/ and continues to work on 9/11 research projects in an effort to bring justice to the victims who died in the atrocities that took place on September 11, 2001.

I had a chance to talk with John the other night about the events surrounding September 11, 2001 and other issues of importance.

Conversation with John Judge July 26, 2010
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