Disconnecting the Dots: How 9/11 Was Allowed to Happen


It is a non-controversial fact that the NSA, CIA and FBI missed a number of opportunities to disrupt the 9/11 plot. Many, but not all, of these failures were documented by the four main investigations that dealt with pre-9/11 intelligence failures: those by the Congressional Joint Inquiry, the 9/11 Commission, the Department of Justice Inspector General and the CIA Inspector General. The best-known investigation, the 9/11 Commission, ultimately concluded that 9/11 was preceded by “four kinds of failures: in imagination, policy, capabilities, and management” (339). This is the narrative largely held to by mainstream politicians and media, but these explanations do not credibly account for what happened at the NSA, CIA and FBI in the years, months and weeks leading up to 9/11. This has been demonstrated by a number of researchers, but Kevin Fenton’s* book, Disconnecting the Dots, has the most comprehensive documentation and in-depth analysis to date. Primarily using the official reports, the available source records and some reporting by mainstream media and journalists, Fenton documents how specific CIA and FBI officials engaged in deliberate efforts to protect the 9/11 plot from discovery and disruption by FBI investigators, and that the most probable explanation is that this was done in order to enable the 9/11 attacks.

Deconstructing the 9/11 Dots;

August 8, 2011 interview of Kevin Fenton by Erik Larson*. Fenton is the author of the book Disconnecting the dots: How CIA and FBI officials enabled 9/11 and evaded government investigations. In the three hour interview (3 parts) Fenton discusses a number of the persons and issues covered in his book, which is narrowly focused on the pre-9/11 failings of the NSA, CIA and FBI, and the official investigations of these failings. In the last part he gives his views on other aspects of 9/11.

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Part 1:

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Larson’s review of the book can be read here:

Deconstructing the 9/11 dot disconnection: a book review by Erik Larson

* Disclosure: Fenton and Larson are both contributors to HistoryCommons.org. In addition, Larson obtained many of the 9/11 Commission records that Fenton cites in his book, “Disconnecting the Dots


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